Lyclear SprayAway

Lyclear SprayAway

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Lyclear SprayAway is a complete treatment for head Lice. This pack contains a spray-on Lotion and a rigid fine-toothed comb specially designed to remove lice and their eggs. Lyclear SprayAway has been clinically tested at the Universities of Miami, Paris and Jerusalem, and has been proven to be an effective treatment for head lice infestations. The unique leak-proof spray makes the application of the lotion very easy and non-messy, which is ideal for small children who find it difficult to sit still whilst being treated. The spray mechanism transforms the oil into fine droplets making it economical to use and easy to wash out. As Lyclear SprayAway does not contain any chemical insecticides it is not possible for head lice to develop resistance to the ingredients. This means Lyclear SprayAway will remain an effective treatment whenever you need it. If the scalp has been irritated by a reaction to the saliva of the lice, the ylang-ylang oil contained in Lyclear SprayAway will help to soothe the scalp. This spray contains enough lotion for up to 8 applications.

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