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  1. February 19, 2019

    How to Manage Hay Fever and Allergies

    Spring is just around the corner and with spring, comes hay fever. This is caused when your body makes allergic antibodies (IgE) to certain substances, such as pollen, house dust and mould. Symptoms include tiredness and sneezing as well as itchy…
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  2. February 06, 2019

    Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

    Most men will encounter an erectile problem at least once. Although age itself isn't a cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), the risk does increase as you get…
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  3. January 02, 2019

    What are the health benefits of not drinking alcohol?

    A new year has just begun, the perfect time for a fresh start and some lifestyle changes. But rather than limiting these improvements to January, why not extend them to the whole year round and really experience the health benefits from doing so.…
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  4. January 01, 2019

    8 tips to lose weight after Christmas

    2019 just started and it is time to turn over a new leaf. Christmas is definitely a wonderful time of the year: Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé on the radio every day, incredible gifts to buy and unwrap, fantastic moments to spend with your family…
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  5. December 21, 2018

    New year, same you…just healthier!

    2018 is drawing to a close and instead of doing what we always do, why not make some realistic goals that you can focus on and achieve for 2019? Every year, we all make New Year’s resolutions and promises to ourselves that we know we are not going…
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