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  1. April 09, 2017

    Top 5 Must-Have Holiday Items

    SunscreenIf you’re going somewhere with a sunny climate then sun protection is essential. It is even better if it…
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  2. April 09, 2017

    Period Delay Treatment: Find out more

    You’re getting married or going on holiday but the dates fall around the time that you know your period is due to start. The last thing you need is cramps and mood swings on a special occasion. So, what do you do? Well, you can delay your…
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  3. March 21, 2014

    A Pain in the neck?

    Researchers from the Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel (ShARP) investigating musculoskeletal pain have made some interesting observations. 40% of people in the UK go to bed and rest in the hope of easing pain associated with…
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  4. July 06, 2012

    Summer Sale Now On

    Our Online Pharmacy has just launched its Summer Sale, and you can get a host of pharmacy products at extremely low prices. Nivea sun preparations are now available at half price. For example the large Nivea Moisturising Spray 200ml was…
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