With almost everyone having to use an electronic device at work, we on average, spend around 30% of our day staring at a screen. This work may cause dry eyes or eye strain.
Dry eye occurs when tears fail to keep the surface of the eye adequately lubricated. Experts estimate that dry eye affects millions of people worldwide. The risk of developing dry eye increases with age.
But how do you avoid the possibility of getting dry screen eye or eye strain? Well, we have some very simple and manageable tips to follow.

Take regular breaks

Be sure to rest your eyes while working at a screen. Every few hours, try a break and step away from your computer. Changing your focus can stop eyes from hurting or drying out. Getting up and being active can not only help eye health but also minimize other health concerns like heart disease and blood clots.

Adjust screen settings

You want the brightness of the screen to match the lighting in your office or place of work. This helps avoid eye dryness as you’re not blinded by the brightness, or squinting to see more clearly.
Contrast should usually be fairly high depending on the screens. Contrast is the strength of the colours compared next to each other. The lower the contrast, the harder it is for your eye to differentiate between items on a screen

Sit further away

Do not sit so far away that you have to strain to read the text. Half a meter is a good distance. However, this does depend on your eyesight and the size of the screen.
In addition to this, your eyes should be level to the top of the monitor so you should be theoretically looking down at the screen

Just blink

People blink at least half as much as normal when staring at the computer screen.The lack of blinking associated with screen use means the eye is less lubricated which can result in a disrupted layer. This disruption is thought to lead to evaporation of tears which can trigger screen-dry symptoms. It must be full blinks though as people usually squint as your eyes are not made for looking at monitors.

Eye drops

The most effective way to combat dry eye is by using drops. Traditional eye drops work by temporarily providing artificial tears. They hydrating the eye and lubricate it to bring relief.
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