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We sell a range of safe and genuine hair loss medications. All treatments are safe and effective and are despatched from our UK Registered Pharmacy.

Hair loss effects both men and women, it can be worrying and cause embarrassment and loss of self confidence.

Hair Loss Tablets and Solution

There are various hair loss treatments available. Medications are usually in the form of tablets or capsules or a solution of foam that is applied to the scalp. We stock all of the main brands of hair loss tablets in different strengths; 1mg, 5mg. Some of our hair loss treatments can be purchased without a prescription, others need to be prescribed by one of our online GP’s.

Hair Loss Prescriptions – Online GP Consultations

We offer online GP consultations as part of the purchase process. This means that you have no need to visit your GP if you need a prescription for hair loss tablets. Our GP’s can issue private hair loss prescriptions online.

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Clinical studies have shown that hair loss can be prevented for both men and women. Hair loss treatments and remedies are available from our online pharmacy in the form of tablets, foams and solutions. Our online doctors can advise the most suitable hair loss medication for your individual problem.

In the UK, around 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35 with the percentage rising to 65% by age 60. Hair loss problems and balding are a significant source of worry for men and women and can lead to problems with confidence and self-esteem.

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